An online journal of poetry and prose produced by Pratt Institute’s MFA in Writing, The Felt is interested in the creation and cultivation of emancipatory poetic spaces for felt sentiments that have been marginalized, displaced, or estranged from the dominant culture. Like the textile of its namesake, The Felt is an intricate entanglement unlimited in every direction. We strive to publish disobedient and daring work that invites departure, resistance, engagement, and the collaborative, tender-hearted making of new knowledge. 


Dear artists, storytellers, and saplings,  

Welcome to ilylali's first independent editioned publication, An Anthology of Forests.

For this call please send writing: up to 3 poems, and no more than 10,000 words of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or 2D visual art (300 dpi) by Monday, November 19th. 

Mythically, a forest is a place for journey and self discovery, as well as a place of fear, loss, of confusion and rebellion. To be among the trees is to be in the depths, where rituals take place, just on fringes of the mind. And so they are entangled, dissociated from society. They are places of sleep, and visions. Contemporary forests are highly political places. The woods lie in the crux of dispute as initiatives for tree plantings around large cities occur simultaneously with mass destruction of rainforests and wildfires that spill over California as a result of climate change. While the forests are biomes, they also exist as a concept of population density, connection, and biological ecosystems. Indeed, forests have the potential to be resources for us to reconsider how we can live communally and sustainably. 

The charge of our creative selves is to take on the retelling of this landscape. While we can’t change the state of the climate and its influence on the woodland immediately, we can begin to live with a more healthy relationship to it. This anthology will be a communal attempt to redefine the narrative of a forest by asking you to send work that contemplates one or more of the following questions:

  •  How do you see forests represented, in cities, in deserts, in oceans, in relationships? What are the images we see of forests? 
  • What role does the forest play in contemporary culture? 
  • What do we long for, from what are we escaping, and what are we looking to achieve within our spirits when we step into the mythical forest, or the unknown? 
  •  How does the forest exist in your memory? 
  •  What is the forest of this place?
  •  Where do we perform our secret rituals?
  •  What is the landscape of the darkness we are walking into? 

ilylali encourages individuals and collectives who have experienced forests in spaces that are urban, rural, and everywhere in between. The diversity, and creativity of the work is of priority for this call. Images will be printed in black and white, so please send work that will fit this format. 

We shall come from the forest, from the darkness, from the growth. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and submissions.


Irene Lee

ilylali's Mission

ilylali {ililœlē} is dedicated to publishing and uplifting the writing and visual art of individuals and collectives that dives into the magical, the  fabulous, and fabulist rivers that run through the day-to-day. ilylali publishes work that generates connections between individuals and the environment that both empower and liberate through this very specific and abundant magic. 

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This project is supported by the Pratt MFA in Writing program's literary journal, The Felt. 

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