The Felt is a project that endeavors to shelter those feelings that were, in Audre Lorde's words, "never meant to survive." In terms of poetics, we're talking about those feelings that are tenderly susceptible and diabolically risk-taking. That cross boundaries of linguistics and genre and as a result might have difficulty being published in more conventional literary journals. That surge in concert with every Black body shot in the street, every trans body under constant threat of violence, every friend's heart and body that weakens and gives up. And in doing so become utterly vital, gain energy and action, find new strength and meaning in community with others.

The Felt seeks submissions of language-based poetics, image-based poetics, and the limitless ether of "etc." Although we don't have a set page limit, please use discretion and don't send us an entire manuscript. If you read our previous submissions, you'll find it is very easy to get an idea of what we are interested in.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.